Project Learning Tree Workshop

With your students you can:

ADOPT A TREE... use all of your senses to investigate your tree and see how it changes throughout the year.
GO... on a school safari.
DISCOVER... the secret ingredients in soil.
INVESTIGATE... the value of wildlife to a community.
DESCRIBE... all the many roles wood and paper products play in our lives.
CREATE... a collage using only materials from the environment.
DEBATE... as a group of interested citizens trying to decide how to manage a piece of forested land acquired by your community.
TEST... the effects of overcrowding on plant growth. This program includes: Ready-made lessons and activities that can be used to supplement existing curricula. Action-oriented activities that can be used in any order, and require little, if anything, in the way of equipment. New ideas that can be used with children having special needs. Activities are written by classroom teachers with the support and assistance of environmental educators, foresters, and conservation groups.

Scheduling a PLT workshop

Scheduling a workshop is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . . . . . .

Identify a place and time
Identify at least 15 participants
Notify Dave Walters, PLT Coordinator Tennessee Forestry Division

Workshop Requirements:

Six hours of instruction, activities, and planning

Workshops can be broken into 2 sessions if necessary

A minimum of 15 participants

Workshops materials and facilitators are free of charge

Location or facilities:

We'll present a PLT workshop at most any location, a school library, classroom, park or conference room¦we need:

Tables and chairs for participants

Access to outdoors or indoor areas for activities


What we expect from the workshop host:

Make arrangements for facility

Arrange for In-service credit via local Supervisor of Instruction

Publicize & promote the workshop