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Mission: To engage forest landowners and offer resources to enable them to better maintain healthy woods and wildlife

The Elk and Duck Rivers Watershed Buffer Initiative came about several years ago. A partnership was formed among several agencies that wanted to make a large scale impact on water quality in both of these watersheds. This group determined that installing riparian forest buffers throughout these watersheds was the best way to approach the objective.

TFA along with other agencies applied for grant funding and were approved to offer financial incentives to private landowners willing to install riparian buffers within these watersheds. To qualify for the offered $1700/acre financial incentive, landowners must plant Riparian Forest Buffers on eligible land. Several state and federal conservation programs are available to eligible landowners, these programs provide opportunity for financial assistance in addition to the $1,700/acre incentive payment. These conservation programs may be used to establish riparian forest buffers and associated practices that may be needed (e.g. exclusion fence, alternative water sources for livestock, etc.). A new funding opportunity specific to the treatment of invasive species in existing riparian forest buffers has also been included to this version of the buffer initiative through USFWS. In the PDF linked below you will see the programs that are currently being offered as of today’s date: 9/25/2018. Other programs may be offered in the future but these are the ones that are currently available.

Elk and Duck Rivers Watershed Buffer Initiative Incentive Guide Sheet

Is your land within the Elk and Duck River Watershed Areas?

Please see the maps below to see if your forest land is included for the free services provided by this program. 

The Duck River Watershed Project is located in Middle Tennessee and includes parts of Bedford, Coffee, Marshall & Maury counties. 

The Elk River Watershed Project is located in Middle Tennessee and includes parts of Franklin, Giles, Lincoln Marshall & Moore counties.



Please see the handouts below....

Buffers for Bee's Diagram
Buffers for Bird's Diagram
Multi-Functional Riparian Buffers
Native Edible Buffer Diagram
Native Edible Species of Tennessee
Buffers Photos (coming soon)

Fence & Cattle out of Creeks (coming soon)
Cattle Exclusion  (coming soon)

Elk and Duck River Watershed Buffer Iniative Site Visit Information Form
Elk and Duck River Watershed Buffer Iniative Power Point Presentation
Elk and Duck River Watershed Buffers Initiative Guide Sheet

How do I sign up to receive a visit from a local forestry professional?

Click here for Are you getting what you want from your woods brochure

If your forest land is located in the Elk or Duck River Watershed area, you are qualified for forestry professional to visit you and your land. The MY TENNESSEE WOODS PROGRAM TEAM funded by a grant through Duck & Elk River Watershed Buffer Initiative Grant will send a professional forestry representative to to visit you and your land.This professional will make suggestions and provide resources to help restore, enhance, and to maintain healthy woods and wildlife.

Fill out online request form
or Contact 
TN Wildlife Resource Agency, ​Clint Borum-clint.bourm@tn.usda.gov
Quail Forever, Josh Turner-jturner@quailforever.org

Past & Upcoming Events

Elk River Field Day-Photos
Duck River Field Day-TBA Fall 2019


Riparian Buffers will primarily be cost shared under TAEP for Forest Landowner:
Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) for Forest Landowners

Cost Share for Pine Forest Landowners:
Southern Pine Beetle Initiative (SPBI) Cost Share for Landowners


Program Partners

Our services are brought to you thanks to the generous support of the My Tennessee Woods Team.

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