PLT Workbooks

Project Learning Tree Workbooks

PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity

- 96 interdisciplinary activities grouped by theme and story line
- Activities incorporate reading connections, technology connections, differentiated instruction, and assessment strategies
- Most activities require few special supplies or extra preparation
- All activities include up-to-date student resources and reproducible student pages, background information for educators, easy-to-follow instructions, and additional online resources
- Activities are correlated to national and most state learning standard

PLT for Secondary Educators

PLT’s secondary modules are topically based, challenging students to explore the many facets of an issue – illustrating the complexity of making real life, environmental decisions.

PLT's secondary modules include:

Modules in Print:
- Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Forests
- The Changing Forest: Forest Ecology
- Exploring Environmental Issues: Municipal Solid Waste
- Exploring Environmental Issues: Places We Live
- Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Risk (This module includes a supplement on Biotechnology - in Development)
- Global Connections: Forests of the World

PLT for PreK-8 Educators

PLT’s state of the art PreK-8 curriculum materials are packed with inter-disciplinary activities, each tailored to specific grade levels and learning objectives.  These materials provide educators the tools they need to bring the environment into their classrooms – and their students into the environment.