TFA Selective Workers Comp Group

To reduce workers' compensation costs to its members and provide them with stable workers' compensation insurance, in 1993 the Tennessee Forestry Association established a separate, not-for profit trust know as the the Tennessee Forestry Association Selective Workers' Compensation Group (TFASWCG).

The TFASWCG self-insurance fund is a premium pooling concept which allows independent employers, through the payment of premiums, to establish a claims fund, purchase excess insurance and pay legitimate claims under the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Act. The Fund is to provide its members with a consistent, competitive and reliable method of complying with Tennessee's workers' compensation statutes.

The Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the members of the Fund. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management of all Fund, investment of Fund assets, hiring of staff personnel service agents, and all their required to provide such services as claims processing and payments, loss control/safety engineer, marketing,accounting and legal services.

Members of every self-insurance fund in Tennessee are jointly and individually responsible for payment of all claims and expenses. Member of the Tennessee Forestry Association Selective Workers' Compensation Group are jointly and severally liable only for the claims and expenses incurred while members of the Fund.