Bobby Goodson

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TFA is very pleased that Bobby Goodson, Discovery Channel's "Swamp Logger will be part of our Thursday morning General Session during the 2015 annual convention.  Bobby will be discussing how the Goodson family has successfully passed down the logging tradition from generation to generation.  Bobby owns Goodson's All Terrain Logging, Inc. and is located in Jacksonville, NC.  Bobby, as a fourth generation logger and his wife Lori, are passing on the love of timber harvesting and the value of hard work to their son Justin and his family. Bobby and Lori have 2 children, Justin and Brittany, and 7 grandchildren. 

Bobby and his crew are highly skilled and dedicated workers.  They are glad to tackle the everyday challenges in the Carolina swamps.  Although the work is demanding and often dangerous, Bobby and his crew still enjoy each day and are proud of the job they do.

Photo of TFA Special Speaker Bobby Goodson formerly on Discovery Channel Show, The Swamp Logger.

Bobby Goodson, Discover Network's Swamp Logger

TFA and our members are glad to welcome Bobby Goodson, "Swamp Logger and wife Lori to Tennessee!!!

Bobby Goodson will speak on Thursday, Oct 15th during General Session and is included in Complete, Spouse, Significant Other & Child's, Meeting Only Packages.